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Lyndsey R.

Used for one month & great product.

Purchased this bag about a month ago. I think it’s a great product. It’s also withstood several fights.


Abbie A.

Love it!

Love the product. Highly recommend! 🙂


Dave King

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Elizabeth K.

Happy Customer

I considered buying a smart carry-on (for example, Away or Raden) because of all the online ads that I’ve been, but ultimately decided to go with Chester because I wasn’t convinced the battery pack was worth the larger price tag.

I am glad that I ended up going with the Chester because it fits all of my basic travel needs. I’ve used it on three weekend trips and I am very happy with my purchase!


Meg Love

Daughter Loves It

I bought this for my daughter as a gift for high school graduation. She has used this for a few weekends already and loves it.


Britney Mathers

High marks on the bag

I found this bag when I was searching Amazon. Decided to give it a shot and happy I did. It’s a high quality product and a relatively fair price. I give it high marks.


Meg Parker

Happy son

i purchased this for my son as a gift. he uses it frequently and loves it. based on his enthusiasm, i will likely purchase one for myself in the near future.


Anna Vergas

Very pleased!

The carryon fits the overhead bins of all flights (both domestic and international) that I have taken thus far. I am very pleased with the product.


Gabe K

High quality

High quality product with nice wheels


Jesse G.

High marks from former airline attendant

I am a former airline attendant. This bag is thoughtfully designed — high marks!


Grace R.

Love it!

I love my bag. The size, design and function are perfect.

I will never use another carryon!


Morgan A. Brown

Great bag, better service

This carry-on luggage is a great value. And just as importantly, I have been impressed by the customers service as they went above and beyond to answer all of my questions. I am rooting for you guys!


Marie B.

Perfect bag

I *love* this carry on bag! The attention to detail is remarkable. I am recommending to everyone that I know 🙂


Sarah Swanson

Awesome Inside Compartments

Very pleased with my purchase. After two trips, I am finding the Chester to be everything that I wanted. My favorite feature is the well designed inside compartments.