CHESTER is upping the ante on the age-old tradition of traveling.

Our minimalistic elements coupled with traditional luggage design is brilliance in simplicity we strive to have for all of our products.

our design philosophy

CHESTER was born out of necessity. As avid travelers to every corner of the globe, we grew tired of luggage that never seemed to work. It was either too heavy, complicated, or easily ruined by harsh climates or adventures.

We set out to create luggage for us. We tested different materials, wheels, and interior design to get it just right. We tested our products on the road, and documented how to continuously improve it. What you see today is a culmination of that work.

Good design goes un-noticed. It just works. Traveling is one of the life’s many pleasures, and we set out to design a companion that makes your life easier, so you can focus on the adventures.

Our Mission

We want to make traveling accessible for everyone. That starts with luggage. A secure, strong, and functional bag makes all the difference. Once that’s covered, your destination becomes your focus. The thrills, excitement, new experiences are now top of mind. Because that’s what traveling is about.

We’re here to be a perfect companion for the road ahead. Not just you, but for everyone.

highest quality materials

Our standards are high. Materials mean everything to luggage. It’s protecting your stuff, so why shouldn’t it be made with the best materials around?

Colorful polycarbonate shell

CHESTER luggage is formed with factory-approved polycarbonate – a lightweight material that is nearly indestructible. It’s super durable and absorbs impacts with ease.

Impact-ready wheels

Speed is everything. We chose state-of-the-art wheels because of their strength, gliding ability, and silent roll. They are perfect for airports but are built to handle unforgiving terrain.

Aluminum handle

We’ve seen countless handles break on former luggage. We set out to make one that doesn’t bend or break, while retracting quickly and easily

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