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Cathay Pacific Baggage Fees 2021: What To Expect

As the largest airline in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific is a popular choice among travelers. Not only does this airline provide service to nearly 200 destinations worldwide, but it is also known for its budget-friendly fares and generous baggage allowances.... Read More

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El Al Israel Airlines Baggage Fees 2021: What To Expect

El Al Israel Airlines is the largest and most popular airline in Israel, offering service to more than 50 destinations. If you’re thinking about booking a flight with El Al Israel Airlines in the near future, you may be wondering what... Read More


How To Clean Your Hard- or Soft-Sided Suitcase

If you travel on even a fairly regular basis, you know all-too-well how much of a beating your luggage can take. From rough handling by airline staff to being crammed into taxi trunks and everything in between, it’s not uncommon... Read More

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Passport Photo Requirements: What You Need To Know

Applying for a passport in the near future? If so, then you’ll need to submit a passport photo as part of your application. Before you whip out your smartphone to snap a quick selfie, however, there are some important rules... Read More

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Best Luggage For European Travel 2021

Planning a trip to Europe can be exciting; you may be thinking about all the amazing sights and landmarks you’re going to see and the different cultures you’re going to be exposed to. For many, traveling to Europe is a... Read More

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What Travelers Need To Know About Using Melatonin

If you’ve ever experienced jet lag while traveling or had trouble sleeping on a long flight, then you know all-too-well what an impact that lack of sleep can have on the rest of your travels. One option you may be... Read More


How To Pack A Suit In A Suitcase

Whether you’re traveling for business or simply want to look sharp during your upcoming vacation, knowing how to properly pack a suit is a must. Unfortunately, you can’t treat your suit like just any item of clothing; otherwise, you’ll arrive... Read More

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Emirates Airlines Baggage Fees 2021: What To Expect

Emirates Airlines is based in Dubai and is the largest airline in the Middle East, offering flights to more than 150 destinations across six of the globe’s continents. In terms of passengers carried, it is also the fourth-largest airline in... Read More

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TSA ID Requirements: What You Need To Know About REAL ID

In the United States, commercial airports are considered federal agencies—so when you travel via a United States airline, you’re automatically subjected to strict security requirements. If you’ve ever flown before, then you know you’re required to verify your identity as... Read More

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Frontier Airlines Baggage Fees 2021: What To Expect

As the eighth-largest passenger airline in the United States, Frontier Airlines is known for its low-cost flights to more than 100 destinations—including several international ones. If you’re looking to save money on your next flight, there’s a good chance you’re... Read More

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Best Travel Money Belt 2021

A money belt can come in handy when you’re traveling and need a secure, discreet way to carry your cash, credit cards, and small but important items. Whether you travel frequently or just on occasion, adding a quality travel belt... Read More

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Icelandair Baggage Fees 2021: What To Expect

Icelandair, with a hub at Keflavík International Airport, is the largest airline in Iceland—offering flights to nearly 50 destinations across the globe. Thinking of booking a flight with Icelandair? If so, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with their baggage policies... Read More

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Why You Should Always Wipe Down an Airplane Seat

Traveling can be stressful enough without having to worry about getting sick, but travel-related illness is a very real issue. And of course, getting sick while traveling is a sure way to put a damper on your vacation (or make... Read More

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How To Sleep Comfortably On A Plane

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of taking a red-eye flight, then you’re probably familiar with the struggles of sleeping on a plane. From noisy/distracting passengers to uncomfortable seats and cramped quarters, it’s not always easy to get shut-eye when... Read More