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Tam M.

Incredible quality! The wheels are the best compared to any other suitcase I own. The brand was recommended to me by a friend who is an experienced world traveler .


Haley Fox Blog

very Nice, Solid Luggage Piece

Very sturdy, solid material and super sleek. Fits a ton of stuff and a lot of weight. Love this piece. Very Smooth Rolling too. Highly Recommend.


Katherine Hammond

LARGE and Lightweight

Love this suitcase – yes very large and very lightweight – didn’t fly with it – but used overland.



Perfect suitcase.

This suitcase is perfect! Very lightweight and maneuvers perfectly with ease. I can’t say enough good things about this suitcase. Had plenty of room ! Very good value


B Wallis

Upgraded! This will stand out on the baggage claim carousel!

This suitcase is really pretty, sturdy, and the right size for a short trip or a carry-on that won’t have everyone in the aisles groaning as you hoist it to the overhead bin.

It’s got two internal zippers dividing the halves into compartments so your possessions won’t all come tumbling out when it’s opened. The lining is a really cute candy-stripe blue and white. I really love the looks of this suitcase as well as how nimble and light it is, right around 7 lbs! I didn’t know it was waterproof until it arrived but bravo and bonus! I love it.

Dear people who whine about how a suitcase has no battery in it– these are the biggest hassle in the event you ever have to check the bag or a security person gets interested in it. I love that this doesn’t have that kind of invitation to trouble that suitcases with battery packs have. Seriously, just buy a battery pack already.



Stylish and does the job. Great sturdy luggage.



Good price!

Such a beautiful bag for the price. I love the ocean blue color!



Just ordered this luggage for a trip my gf and I will be making. It seems well made but have not given it the airline test yet.



Reviewing this bag and the regula. The maxima is slightly bigger checked suitcase with the same features as all of the company’s bags. They all come with the same zippered compartments and with a nice laundry bag for dirty clothes. The wheels are the best feature. Smoothest wheels I have ever had on a suitcase.



Best suitcase ever! Love it. Especially the spinner wheels!



I would say that it’s not expandable like other hard-side spinners but its nice. I’m extremely happy and like the modern look.



Arrived late!

I couldn’t use it for my trip but its a rreally nice bag. Really impressed by how light it is and how smooth the wheels are.


Sarah P.

I received the snow luggage set as a gift. The suitcases are super sturdy and the locking mechanism is great. I *highly* recommend Chester suitcases.


Emily R.

Beautiful bags!!!

Got the snow luggage set as a gift and I am in love.