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Laura Howard


I really love this piece! It is great in size & I can pack a few days worth of clothes!


Seamus R.

Compact and smooth

Just the right size for smaller planes. Didn’t have to worry about getting my bag checked at the gate. Not as big as some traditional carry-ons but perfect for my needs.



Love the sand color! Perfect size to check in. It is not too big and its easy to maneuver with the smooth wheels.


Ethan M.

I bought this bag for an extended trip to Europe. This is a perfect size for 50 lbs checked in luggage. I do wish it came with a strap or hook to attach carried items, like my travel pack, on top of the suitcase.


John E.

Long overdue review. Love this thing

I finally broke down and succumbed to the latest airline approved tiny luggage. I’m not saying I like where the airlines are going with this trend as one day they’ll have us all wearing string bikinis as business attire out of necessity. That said this is a really nice suitcase. I particularly like the zipped fabric covers top and bottom. They are strong enough to hold up but light enough that, if you don’t want to use them, they don’t take much space. I find they make the bag easier to pack as they hold things in place when you close it. The new ridiculously small allowance in carry ons requires some very careful packing but, adding in a small backpack for my laptop, snacks, coat etc. I can pack this thing for a five day trip pretty easily.


Verified Buyer

Hi quality

Perfect for air travel. Easy to move through customs and immigration.
Light weight and strong



Worth it!

This is a fantastic suitcase! Holds a surprising amount, easy to move around, and very light and easy to lift! I’m very glad that I spent a little more to get a quality piece of luggage.


Verified Buyer

regula checked luggage

nice checked size bag. can store my carry-on in there when not using. nice laundry bag too



Small but mighty!

This is a great carry on suitcase! I have a travel blog so I do a lot of traveling, and this Chester suitcase makes my life a whole lot easier. I have it in the Ocean Blue color which was great for keeping track of it amongst the sea of black suitcases. I had no problem stowing it in the overhead compartments. The wheels glide effortlessly in any direction and it is pretty lightweight.

As for packing it, I like that it has a zippered compartment on each side when you open it. That way when I was done packing the lid, I could easily zip it so nothing fell out when I closed it. There are also great little zippered compartments inside for some of your smaller items.

This suitcase would make a great gift for the travel lover in your life.


Verified Buyer

Finally the full set!

Glad Chester came out with the large luggage finally! Got to complete my set 🙂



Light weight and has compartments

I purchased the Chester Regula spinner bag because I needed a bigger suit case. I have the Chester Minima carry-on spinner and I like that it is light weight. Just like the Minima, the Regula is also light weight. It also has two separated compartments that are zipped up so nothing loose will fall out. I also like that the Chester suitcases have built-in TSA approved locks. The Chester spinners move around easily. I would recommend the Chester line of spinners.


Verified Buyer

So far so good.

Used once so far with cover. Worked well.


Grace Gibson

Overall great purchase

Amazing product. I have loved traveling with my Chester. Incredible maneuverability.


Chelsea Kelly-sipe

Great Lightweight Suitcase for Travel

We’ve used tons of suitcases over our years of traveling. This Chester suitcase is perfect as a carry-on for short trips and a variety of travel (airplane, train, cruise).

Features: The suitcase features an adjustable and collapsible handle for various heights. The handle collapses into the bag, which you can see in the photo. The inside has two compartments for storing clothes and other items with plenty of pouches and zippers. There is a TSA approved lock and luggage tag on the outside. In addition, there is a little laundry bag.

Construction: The bag is well constructed with a sleek exterior that is durable, easy to wipe and roll nicely on a variety of surfaces. You do lose some space on the interior with the handlebar, but if you pack correctly, it isn’t overly noticeable. The stitching is heavy-duty, but the seams are not reinforced nor is there double stitching, so heavy use could show wear. If the wear breaks, the wheels are not able to be replaced because it was riveted instead of bolted.

Packaging: The suitcase arrived with a nice cover and plastic on the handles, as you can see in the photos.

Overall: I would order this suitcase again. I like the number of storage pockets for smaller items, it opens flat and the materials are of high quality.