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Verified Buyer

Easy to use but limited capacity.

The style, the weight and maneuverability are all excellent , but I was expecting more room inside. The compartments on both sides are zippered, so it limits “squeeze-packing” that you can do with a more open case.



Lightweight, maneuverable, and carry on size!

After two trips, I can say that these carry-ons are the typical US allowed 9x14x22. It’s very lightweight and very maneuverable. I have not checked it in or have dinner any strength tests to see how well the side walls hold up.


Mario Lopez

Nice carry-on

Good solid construction, only wished inside handle were covered and metal not bare



Truly lightweight yet seems durable.

Took my first trip with this carry on. It was very light yet finished the four day trip like a pro. The size was perfect for the overhead bins, not requiring any stuffing or forcing. I was concerned a bit about the wheels but found that they stood up on many different surfaces. I specifically liked that the bag was very stable when standing up on all four wheels. I hooked my large, “fully” loaded, lap top pack on top of the case and it stood up without any help or requiring me to balance it. The only thing keeping this from 5 starts is that the zippers on the inside of the bag are a bit low-end. The one’s that separate the hard shell from the interior don’t even have pulls on them. Possibly done to reduce weight? Otherwise, great bag.



Not for the overpacker

Very sturdy and spacious inside. However, if you’re an over packer like, this product isn’t for you. It doesn’t have an expander so what you see is what you get and there’s no “give” with the suitcase.


John McDonald

Well made

This case appears well made and came with a protective cover for storage. I believe it will be great for keeping some clothes and personal items with me on my next trip as opposed to checking bags…..and loosing them!


Michael T

The luggage is very comfortable

The luggage is used for traveling, is very comfortable and light weight elegant and cool


tony pett

Very good for overhead luggage.

Very good for overhead luggage. Perfect for my 5 days in Vegas.



Nice suitcase

Nice suitcase! Just a little smaller than I thought it might be. Not the companies fault, I should have done some measurements before order but such is life ‍♂️ Hope they’ll make a bigger one in the future!



I have gone on four trips so far with my carry on, and it’s been perfect! One of the trips was a 3-day cruise and everything was able to fit. I have already recommended it to many girlfriends.


Ricardo P

For the price I find that the quality is quite good and the capacity is also very good