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Guide On How To Properly Pack Your Clothes In A Suitcase

People normally travel due to many reasons. Some people usually travel for leisure purposes. Others, normally travel due to business purposes. There are several things that you need to carry as you travel to your destination. You need to ensure that you pack your suit or pack your clothes properly in your suitcase. Some people normally pack excess clothes in their suitcases thereby destroying your suitcase. This can be detrimental. This is the reason why you need to know some of the essential tips on how to properly pack your clothes in a suitcase.

You have basically two ways of packing your suitcase for the load. You can roll up all of your clothes into simple coils or you can layer everything. You can actually place a piece of tissue paper between each article of apparel. The coil method works best if you have a lot of items and you are looking for maximum space inside your lightweight suitcase. However, layering is ideal if you are more concerned about wrinkles.

If you want to utilize the rolling or coil method, you should start by folding your desired clothing item in half. Once you are through, coil it into a roll. The roll should be as tight as possible. You can easily squeeze each item into your suitcase thereby filling each and every available space inside the bag. The following guide will help you pack your clothes in your suitcase.

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Put heavier items like jeans and jackets towards the area where the wheels are on your bag if it has them. This actually makes the bag to be more balanced thereby making it easier to pull it around without it flopping all over the place. This is actually a wrinkle-free method of packing.

If you have some nice shirts, blazers or jackets that you want to carry, you should consider the layering technique. The idea of coiling these items up may be out of the question for you. If you put these clothes in layers, you can fit a decent amount of clothing in your suitcase.

It is important that you make a list of the things that you are going to carry in your suitcase. Do you need a formal attire, swimwear or Waterproof pants? It is important that you come up with this list so that you avoid forgetting anything.

It is important that you leave some room in your suitcase so that you keep your clothes wrinkle-free. Do not stuff a lot of clothes in your clothes in your suitcase. Just carry those clothes that you need. This will give you more space for your souvenirs.

If the clothes are usually put on hangers and you have enough room in your suitcase, you can go ahead and leave them on the hangers. However, it is important that you put a piece of tissue paper in between each clothing. This can go a long way in ensuring that your clothes do not get wrinkles when you arrive at your hotel.

Other Tips Include:

1. Go Chronological

It is important that you pack your clothes in the order of the days that you will wear them. You should place the first day’s clothes on top and your last’s day at the bottom. This will go a long way in ensuring that you do not disturb your folding.

2. Consider Using Shrink Bags

If you have several things that you need to carry, you can consider using shrink bags. You will realize that these bags normally allows you to put bulky clothes inside and then you suck out all the air with a vacuum. This will actually permit you to pack large items such as winter coats, heavy sweaters and other large items without taking up a lot of space in your suitcase.

Those are some of the important guidelines that can help you pack your clothes properly in a suitcase. Do not over-pack. Just pack the clothes that you need. You can roll some clothes so that you can carry several clothes. This will go a long way in avoiding wrinkles. It also helps in using the space in your suitcase effectively. If you pack your clothes properly, you will realize that you will carry a lot of clothes. In addition, they will not have wrinkles. Consider the above mentioned guidelines and you will enjoy the results.

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