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Why A Carry-On Is All You Need For A Weekend Trip

Packing for a weekend trip is not easy. There is always a battle within yourself to “always be prepared” and “only bring the necessities.” A lot of what goes into packing depends on your destination and your style. Here, we will give you a basic list of the necessities plus a few add-ons that will tailor your weekend wardrobe to your destination.

Packing Basics

First, ditch the big suitcase. You are only going away for a weekend, not a week. Relax. Instead, choose a small carry-on suitcase or large tote bag.

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Next, make sure your most important are in place. This includes your ID, credit cards, checkbook, and any medications (such as melatonin). Place them in the main purse you intend to carry with you. We suggest a classic and chic crossbody bag in a neutral color as it is good for day and evening.

Pack your toiletry case with the necessary items. Don’t forget your toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, contact lenses and case, contacts solution, antibacterial gel, travel-sized face wash, deodorant, moisturizer and body lotion. Carry your cosmetic basics such as lip gloss, lipstick, powder, eyeliner and a neutral eye shadow palette.

Select your traveling clothes. We suggest wearing jeans, a comfortable t-shirt in a neutral color, and a jacket or cardigan with ballet shoes. Wear small dangling pearl earrings as they go with every outfit.

Some Practical Tips on Packing For Your Trip

You have finally made time to take that trip. Perhaps you are heading to a lake for a week or taking a trip to another country. Regardless of your destination, you have to figure out what to take and how to pack it. Here are some practical tips for you.

The first thing to keep in mind is the fact you are not taking a trip to another planet. While this sounds obvious, most people pack like they are going to Saturn for ten years. It is not so much the amount of things you pack, but the items themselves. For instance, are you aware that every town, state and country in the world sells soap, shampoo, razors and even deodorant? If you answered yes, why are you packing such things for your trip? The first rule of packing for a trip is to ask yourself if you can buy a specific item at your destination. If you are traveling to a foreign country, keep in mind the item may be cheaper over there!

When it comes to packing clothes, you need to reign yourself in. Give some thought to your destination and what should go. If you are going to a beach area in summer, you are not going to need a sweater. Trust me on this. You are supposed to be relaxing on your vacation. Take comfortable clothes, but no more than two of any item. In breaking news, there are laundry facilities at your destination.

A particular area where people pack way too much is footwear. Again, we are talking about a vacation. Vacation is a word that carries a definite connotation of comfort. Flip flops and tennis shoes should pretty much cut it for any trip unless you are going hiking. Dress shoes or high heels for an expected night out on the town sound great, but are they really worth lugging around for a week or two? Usually not.

Packing may not be one of your favorite activities, but if you like traveling, then this is the price you will have to pay! There is no way one could enjoy a trip or a vacation without packing.

Thus, whether you want it or not you will have to get your luggage out of your storage place or even buy some new luggage sets and start planning how are going to fit in all the things you need to take with you. If this is going to be only a short trip, then why not go for travel duffels?

Travel duffels are great for short trips as they can accommodate a large variety of items in just one bag. No matter if you have a leather, fabric or polyester duffel, you will see it has plenty of pockets. Having lots of pockets means you can safely place your belongings so that they do not mix. This way you will find it easier to sort your luggage and find a place for each and every item.

They are not too large, so that you will have extra space when packing for the weekend trip, but they are quite spacious to accommodate the things you will need for a two or three days trip so they clearly make the best choice when it comes to storing your luggage for short trips.

The next advantage travel duffels have over suitcases or other types of bags is that they are very easy to carry. Choose a rolling duffel and you will have plenty of ways to carry it. You can roll it after you, you can grab it by the medium handles or you can simply put it on your shoulder if it is easier for you this way.

You can not ignore the fact that travel duffels have become more and more attractive lately. They are available in different materials, colors and even shapes.

With colorful appearances, stylish patterns, lots of funny pockets and rounded edges, there is no way you will not attract attention with your travel duffel, so prepare to make the sensation even when you are traveling. What it is even more interesting is the fact that you can adapt it to your style and preferences, so you can say “Good Bye” to the old black or brown duffels and choose whatever color or pattern crosses your mind!

The Bottom Line

Travel Duffels are by far the best solution when it comes to choosing a bag that can accommodate your luggage for two or three days. If you do not have one in your home make sure you purchase one on the next occasion! With such an easy way to pack you will want to leave on a trip each and every day!

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