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Travelpro Luggage Review 2024

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable piece of luggage to accompany you on your travels? Look no further than Travelpro luggage! For over 30 years, Travelpro has been a leader in the luggage industry, producing quality suitcases and bags designed to meet the needs of frequent travelers. In this comprehensive review, we will examine the features, advantages, and disadvantages of Travelpro luggage to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Best Travelpro Luggage

  • Maxlite 5 Lightweight Expandable Suitcase
  • Platinum Elite Expandable Spinner
  • Crew Versapack Rolling Underseat Carry-On
  • Crew Expert Global Carry-On Expandable Rollaboard
  • Bold by Travelpro Expandable Spinner

Travelpro Luggage Company History

Travelpro is a popular brand of luggage that has been in business since 1987. The company was started by a pilot named Bob Plath, who was frustrated with the luggage options available at the time. He wanted to create a durable, functional suitcase that could withstand the rigors of frequent travel. And so, the first Travelpro bag was born.

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Over the years, Travelpro has continued to innovate and improve their luggage designs. Today, the company offers a wide range of bags, from the best carry-ons to checked luggage, that are used by travelers all around the world.

One of the things that sets Travelpro apart from other luggage brands is its focus on functionality. The company works closely with pilots and flight attendants to understand their needs and design bags that can make their jobs easier. This focus on practicality has led to a number of innovations, such as the patented PowerScope handle system and the Travelpro exclusive DuraGuard coating.

Despite being a relatively young company, Travelpro has quickly become one of the most respected brands in the luggage industry. Its bags are known for their durability, functionality, and sleek design. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or just looking for a reliable suitcase for your next vacation, Travelpro is definitely a brand worth considering.

Advantages Of Using Travelpro Luggage

If you are a frequent traveler, investing in high-quality luggage is a must. One of the most trusted names in the luggage industry is Travelpro. Here are the top 3 advantages of using Travelpro luggage.

  • Durable and Reliable: One of the biggest advantages of using Travelpro luggage is its durability and reliability. These bags are built to withstand wear and tear and are designed with high-quality materials to ensure they last for years to come. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or someone who only takes a few trips a year, you can rely on Travelpro luggage to keep your belongings safe and secure.
  • Innovative Features: Travelpro luggage is known for its innovative features, such as its patented MagnaTrac technology, which helps guide the luggage in a straight line. Many Travelpro bags also come with expandable compartments, allowing you to pack more while still maintaining the bag’s shape and structure. Other features like built-in USB ports, TSA-approved locks, Bluetooth, and water-resistant exteriors make Travelpro luggage a top choice for travelers.
  • Excellent Warranty and Customer Service: Another advantage of using Travelpro luggage is the company’s excellent warranty and customer service. All Travelpro luggage comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship. In addition, if you ever have any issues with your luggage, Travelpro’s customer service team is available to help and is known for being responsive and helpful.

Overall, Travelpro luggage is a great choice for anyone looking for durable, reliable, and innovative luggage. While there may be some disadvantages, such as the relatively high cost and limited color options, the advantages far outweigh any drawbacks. So if you’re in the market for new luggage, be sure to consider Travelpro!

Disadvantages Of Using Travelpro Luggage

While Travelpro is known for its quality and durability, there are a few disadvantages to consider before investing in this luggage brand.

  • Price: Travelpro luggage is not the cheapest luggage brand on the market. If you’re on a budget, you may find that other brands offer similar features for a lower price.
  • Durability: While Travelpro luggage is made with high-quality materials, some users have reported issues with durability over time. Some customers have reported broken zippers or ripped fabric after extended use.
  • Weight: Depending on the size and style of the luggage, Travelpro can be on the heavier side. If you’re looking for lightweight luggage, you may need to consider other options.

While these disadvantages may be a concern for some customers, it’s important to note that Travelpro luggage still has many benefits that make it a popular choice for frequent travelers. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to invest in Travelpro luggage will depend on your personal needs and preferences.

Shopping For Travelpro Luggage

Now that we have covered the features, advantages and disadvantages of Travelpro luggage, let’s focus on what to look for when shopping for a piece of luggage from this brand. Below are the most important things to consider.

Size and Material

When it comes to choosing the right luggage for your travel needs, size and material are crucial factors to consider. Fortunately, Travelpro luggage offers a wide range of sizes and materials to choose from to cater to the unique preferences of every traveler.

For size, Travelpro luggage comes in different dimensions to suit different travel requirements. Whether you are looking for carry-on luggage or checked bags, Travelpro has got you covered. Their carry-on luggage sizes are compatible with most airlines’ restrictions, so you can travel with ease. Their checked bags also come in a variety of sizes, including large (if you are bringing a plant on a plane), medium, and small, to suit your travel duration.

As for the material, Travelpro uses high-quality materials in the manufacturing of their luggage. Most Travelpro bags are made of high-density ballistic nylon, which is known for its durability, water resistance, and resistance to scratches and scuffs. Additionally, their luggage features reinforced corners and other wear-resistant features to ensure your luggage lasts for many trips to come.

Another significant advantage of Travelpro luggage is that they have developed a line of eco-friendly luggage. The Eco-friendly luggage line uses fabrics made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. These eco-friendly fabrics come in different colors, textures and prints and are water-resistant and long-lasting, making them perfect for all travel needs.

Storage Components

When it comes to storing your belongings in your luggage, Travelpro has got you covered. Their luggage collection includes various storage components that cater to different travel needs. Let’s take a closer look at some of these storage components.

Firstly, the luggage has multiple pockets that allow you to organize your belongings efficiently. These pockets are designed for different items like shoes, electronics, and toiletries. You’ll find that the pockets are spacious enough to fit your essentials without having to stuff them in haphazardly.

Secondly, Travelpro luggage has a spacious main compartment that offers plenty of space for your clothes and other belongings. You’ll appreciate the expandable feature, which allows you to add extra space to the compartment when you need it. Moreover, the compartments have adjustable straps that keep your clothes and other items in place during transit.

Thirdly, some Travelpro luggage pieces come with exterior pockets, which offer extra space for your items. You can easily access these pockets without having to open the main compartment of the luggage.

Fourthly, Travelpro luggage has a unique Suiter system that allows you to keep your suits and dresses wrinkle-free during travel. The Suiter system is built into the luggage and has adjustable straps that hold your garments in place while minimizing wrinkles.

Lastly, some Travelpro luggage comes with removable laundry or shoe bags, which make packing easier and cleaner. You can keep your dirty laundry and shoes separate from your other items to avoid messiness and odor.

Overall Style

One of the standout features of Travelpro luggage is its sleek and professional style. Designed with the modern traveler in mind, Travelpro luggage has a sleek and sophisticated appearance that makes it a popular choice among business travelers.

From the sleek and understated look of the Crew VersaPack collection to the bold and eye-catching colors of the Maxlite 5 collection, Travelpro has a luggage line that can fit any traveler’s personal style. Many of the collections also feature tasteful accents and design details, such as leather accents or metallic hardware, that add an extra touch of elegance.

Travelpro luggage also offers a range of sizes and styles to suit any traveler’s needs. Whether you need a carry-on that can fit in the overhead compartment of a plane or a large checked bag for an extended trip (such as Rome), Travelpro has you covered. Overall, Travelpro luggage is a stylish and functional choice for any traveler who wants to look polished and put-together on their journey.


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing luggage is maneuverability. You want a bag that can easily glide through the airport without causing any strain on your arms or back. Luckily, Travelpro luggage is designed with this in mind.

Travelpro luggage comes equipped with four multi-directional wheels, similar to top strollers, that allow for easy and smooth rolling in any direction. These wheels are made of high-quality materials that can withstand the wear and tear of frequent travel. Additionally, the telescoping handles are made of durable aluminum, ensuring they won’t break or bend when pulling your bag.

The wheels and handle combination of Travelpro luggage make it easy to maneuver through busy airport terminals or uneven sidewalks. You can quickly adjust the handle to your desired height and steer the bag with minimal effort. This is especially important if you have to walk long distances or navigate through tight spaces.

One potential drawback of Travelpro luggage is that some users have reported that the wheels can get stuck or jammed, making it difficult to move the bag. However, this is a rare occurrence and can often be remedied by cleaning the wheels or contacting Travelpro for a replacement.

Overall, Travelpro luggage is a great choice for those who prioritize maneuverability in their luggage. The combination of durable wheels and handles make it easy to move through any environment, while the high-quality materials ensure that the bag will last for many trips to come.

Value For The Money

One of the most significant advantages of Travelpro luggage is its value for money. The brand offers quality luggage at reasonable prices but at slightly more expensive than Coolife. Unlike other high-end brands, such as Louis Vuitton, that cost a fortune, Travelpro provides luggage options that are more affordable and budget-friendly.

Travelpro has always prioritized quality over quantity. Its luggage is built to last and withstand heavy travel usage, making it an excellent investment for frequent travelers. Customers get to enjoy all the necessary features they need in a luggage without paying extra for unnecessary luxury features.

Compared to other brands in its price range, Travelpro provides excellent value for money. Customers get to enjoy top-notch features such as durable materials, ample storage, and smooth maneuverability, all at a fraction of the cost of other brands. The brand also offers various sizes and styles, allowing customers to choose the best option for their specific travel needs and budget. Whether it’s for a weekend trip or a long vacation, Travelpro has luggage that suits every type of traveler.

Overall, Travelpro luggage provides excellent value for money. With its top-notch features and affordable pricing, the brand is a perfect option for those who prioritize quality and durability without breaking the bank. Travelpro ensures that customers get their money’s worth and more with every purchase.

How Does Travelpro Luggage Compare To Other Luggage Brands?

When it comes to choosing the perfect luggage for your travels, there are a ton of brands to choose from. Some popular luggage brands that are commonly compared to Travelpro include Samsonite, Tumi, Away and American Tourister. So how does Travelpro measure up against its competitors?

Firstly, Travelpro is known for its durability. The luggage is made of high-quality materials, such as ballistic nylon, which can withstand the wear and tear of travel. Compared to other brands, such as American Tourister, Travelpro tends to hold up better over time. Another advantage of Travelpro is its storage capacity. Many Travelpro suitcases have multiple pockets and compartments, making it easy to organize your belongings. This can be especially helpful if you’re traveling with a lot of gear.

Travelpro also excels in terms of maneuverability. The company’s luggage often has features such as four spinner wheels and a telescoping handle, making it easy to move through crowded airports and onto planes. Some travelers find that other brands, such as Samsonite, are a bit more difficult to maneuver. You can view our Travelpro vs Samsonite guide for more information.

In terms of price, Travelpro is usually priced similarly to its competitors, including Briggs and Riley. While it may not be the cheapest brand out there, it offers a good balance of price and quality.

Overall, Travelpro stands up well to its competitors. While there are some areas where other brands excel, such as Tumi’s luxury design or Samsonite’s expandable features, Travelpro offers a good all-around package that is tough to beat. If you’re in the market for new luggage, Travelpro is definitely worth considering.

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The Bottom Line

After thoroughly reviewing Travelpro luggage, we can confidently say that it is a solid choice for any frequent traveler. The company has a rich history of providing high-quality luggage that meets the demands of business and leisure travelers alike. The advantages of Travelpro luggage include its durability, functionality, and value for the money. The storage components and overall style are designed to meet the needs of travelers, while the maneuverability makes it easy to navigate through airports and hotels. The only real disadvantage we found is the limited range of colors and styles available. However, this is a minor issue given the high-quality build of Travelpro luggage. In terms of how Travelpro compares to other luggage brands, it holds its own and often outperforms its competitors in terms of durability and price. Overall, if you’re looking for reliable luggage that won’t break the bank, Travelpro is definitely worth considering.

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