$275.00 $180.00


$275.00 $180.00


The Regula medium checked luggage is a must have. The lightweight polycarbonate shell is durable enough to last a lifetime and is the perfect travel companion for today’s stylish traveler.


Style: Medium checked luggage
Exterior: 26.0” x 18.5” x 11.0”
Interior: 23.7” x 17.0” x 10.3″
Weight: 9.5 lbs
Capacity: 69 L

*Dimensions include wheels.

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Lightweight, Yet Tough

9.5 lbs of stylish polycarbonate hard shell protects your belongings against all the elements.

Enjoy Fee-Free Travel

Skip special baggage charges with the Regula's compact 26.0” x 18.5” x 11.0″ design, which meets TSA and IATA checked baggage guidelines.

Stylish, Modern Design

The Regula’s silent 360° spinner wheels glide easily over rough terrain. Smart, easy-clean interior compartments for fast packing!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our 100-day trial helps you decide whether your Chester is the perfect fit. Combined with free returns means that you can buy with no risk.

Impeccable Handling

smooth retractable handle

Effortless handling with 100% aluminum telescoping ergonomic handle with two lock positions for ultimate control and maneuverability. It’s specifically designed to be comfortable for individuals both tall and not-so-tall.

four-wheel drive

spinner wheels allow 360° action

Regula’s quiet, 360° multi-directional double spinner wheels offer a snug fit for checked luggage restrictions without compromising on a smooth ride.

You’ll love the effortless glide over terrain without fighting for control – whether glossy airport floors, gritty sidewalks, or even rougher off-road terrain.

Packing Made Simple

inner lining for order

With a 69-liter capacity, the Regula’s compact design is roomy enough to fit all your essentials with some space left over – while still providing a snug TSA- and IATA-approved fit for checked luggage.

With one side featuring two zippered compartments, it’s easy to zone your luggage for shoes, and tech to keep everything secure and in place. Tired of smelly socks polluting your clean clothes? Then you’ll love the included laundry pouch, too!

Tough As Nails


Signature polycarbonate shell designed to be lightweight, ultra-durable and waterproof, yet flexible enough to expand and absorb external pressure, eliminating dents and dings. The rigid structure also protects your more fragile belongings.

Electronics, glass or other similarly fragile items are well protected from a huge amount of force without breaking. CHESTER suitcases also come with a built-in lock mechanism.

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  1. rating

    Arrived late!I couldn't use it for my trip but its a rreally nice bag. Really impressed by how light it is and how smooth the wheels are.

  2. rating

    Bought the Regula as a gift for my mother in law. She loves it. So easy to carry/maneuver!

  3. rating

    FutureThis is the luggage of the future. Very stylish and the wheels roll smoothly.

  4. rating

    Very good suitcase! Solid quality and very lightweight. Thank you!

  5. rating

    Onyx Luggage SetJust got my onyx Minima and Regula set! Bags are beautiful and come in nicely covered. Looking forward to using the bags next year :)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about the Regula medium checked luggage.

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Can the suitcases be stored within each other?

Yes! We designed our luggage so that all the sizes fit neatly inside of each other. The Minima carry-on can fit neatly inside of the Regula medium checked luggage. The Regula medium checked luggage will fit inside of the Maxima large checked luggage, so you can easily stow up to three suitcases when you’re not on the road.

Is your luggage waterproof?

Our luggage is water-resistant, but not 100% waterproof!

How do I clean my suitcase?

Scuffs and spills happen. Clean your bag’s exterior shell and interior nylon lining using a soft, damp cloth, warm water, and mild soap. It’ll scrub right up. If the shell of your suitcase picks up a mark that soap and water can’t handle, try using a magic eraser to buff it away.