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Durable enough to last a lifetime, yet compact enough to fit into the tightest of cabin space, the Minima carry-on is the perfect lightweight travel companion for today’s stylish traveler. Sized to fit in the overhead bin of most airlines.


Style: Carry-on luggage
Exterior: 21.8” x 13.7” x 9.0”
Interior: 20.0” x 13.5” x 8.5″
Weight: 7.0 lbs
Capacity: 38 L

*Dimensions include wheels.

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Lightweight, Yet Tough

7.0 lbs of stylish polycarbonate hard shell protects your belongings against all the elements.

Enjoy Fee-Free Travel

Skip baggage charges with compact 21.8” x 13.7” x 9.0″ design. Meets TSA & IATA cabin baggage guidelines.

Stylish, Modern Design

Silent 360° spinner wheels glide easily over rough terrain. Smart, easy-clean interior compartments for fast packing!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our 100-day trial helps you decide whether your Chester is the perfect fit. Combined with free returns means that you can buy with no risk.

Impeccable Handling

smooth retractable handle

Effortless handling with 100% aluminum telescoping ergonomic handle with two lock positions for ultimate control and maneuverability. Perfect for individuals of any height. Top and side easy grab handles to load into overhead compartments.

four-wheel drive

spinner wheels allow 360° action

Minima’s quiet, 360° multi-directional double spinner wheels offer a snug fit for international carry-on luggage restrictions without compromising on a smooth ride.

You’ll love the effortless glide over terrain without fighting for control – whether glossy airport floors, gritty sidewalks, or even rougher off-road terrain.

Packing Made Simple

inner lining for order

With a 38-liter capacity, the Minima’s compact design is roomy enough to fit all your essentials with some space left over – while still providing a snug TSA- and IATA-approved fit for a cabin carry-on.

With one side featuring two zippered compartments, it’s easy to zone your carry-on for shoes, and tech to keep everything secure and in place. Tired of smelly socks polluting your clean clothes? Then you’ll love the included laundry pouch, too!

Tough As Nails

strong and lightweight casing

Signature polycarbonate shell designed to be lightweight, ultra-durable and waterproof, yet flexible enough to expand and absorb external pressure, eliminating dents and dings. The rigid structure also protects your more fragile belongings.

Electronics, glass or other similarly fragile items are well protected from a huge amount of force without breaking. Chester suitcases also come with a built-in lock mechanism.

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  1. rating

    Long overdue review. Love this thingI finally broke down and succumbed to the latest airline approved tiny luggage. I'm not saying I like where the airlines are going with this trend as one day they'll have us all wearing string bikinis as business attire out of necessity. That said this is a really nice suitcase. I particularly like the zipped fabric covers top and bottom. They are strong enough to hold up but light enough that, if you don't want to use them, they don't take much space. I find they make the bag easier to pack as they hold things in place when you close it. The new ridiculously small allowance in carry ons requires some very careful packing but, adding in a small backpack for my laptop, snacks, coat etc. I can pack this thing for a five day trip pretty easily.

  2. rating

    Hi qualityPerfect for air travel. Easy to move through customs and immigration.
    Light weight and strong

  3. rating

    Worth it!This is a fantastic suitcase! Holds a surprising amount, easy to move around, and very light and easy to lift! I'm very glad that I spent a little more to get a quality piece of luggage.

  4. rating

    Small but mighty!This is a great carry on suitcase! I have a travel blog so I do a lot of traveling, and this Chester suitcase makes my life a whole lot easier. I have it in the Ocean Blue color which was great for keeping track of it amongst the sea of black suitcases. I had no problem stowing it in the overhead compartments. The wheels glide effortlessly in any direction and it is pretty lightweight.

    As for packing it, I like that it has a zippered compartment on each side when you open it. That way when I was done packing the lid, I could easily zip it so nothing fell out when I closed it. There are also great little zippered compartments inside for some of your smaller items.

    This suitcase would make a great gift for the travel lover in your life.

  5. rating

    Overall great purchaseAmazing product. I have loved traveling with my Chester. Incredible maneuverability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about the Minima carry-on luggage.

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Why don’t your suitcases include battery chargers?

Current airline policies, including FAA and TSA regulations, only allow spare lithium battery chargers if they are removed from the luggage and kept with the passenger in the aircraft cabin. Why go through this hassle when there are plenty of charging stations in the airport :)

Is your laundry bag waterproof?

Our laundry bags are made from water-resistant nylon. While they do a great job at keeping your clean clothes separate from your dirty ones, they aren’t 100% waterproof.

Is your luggage waterproof?

Our luggage is water-resistant, but not 100% waterproof!