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I love this bag!! It has so many compartments and so much room. I’m one of those people that only travels with a carry on and I was able to pack enough clothing for a week long trip. It’s comparable to the away bags for a much more reasonable price. The wheels roll with ease and it’s super light weight. I would definitely recommend this carry on to anyone!!


Lani J.

A welcome gift

Daughter asked for light-weight, hard-sided carry-on back for Christmas. She’s delighted and I thought it was a good value.


Amazon Customer

Very easy to use- wheels are great!

Used this new luggag for a weekend trip this past weekend and loved it! Just big enough for a weekend!! Wheels are very smooth to roll around.


Olga Smulders-Meyer

Beautiful, sturdy yet elegant little suitcase.


Tiana Maher

One of the best carry-on luggages we have purchased

I gave this to my husband as part of his Christmas present in preparation for a trip. He is 6’5 and the height of the handle is tall enough for him to comfortably wheel. The wheels swivel well, the Titanium color is sleek and there is more than enough room for a 4 day trip. No issues getting into the overhead. Highly recommend!


tony pett

Very good for overhead luggage.

Very good for overhead luggage. Perfect for my 5 days in Vegas.



Good Quality

Amazing! Durable and sleek, has interior pockets that are so helpful for organization and keeping things in their places! Lightweight and meets both domestic and international carry on requirements. Wheels are large enough to roll over brick roads


Patricia Schenkkan

Looks like it’s perfect

Has all the tricks. Cant wait to try it out!


jill witucki


I really love it! So sturdy and easy to maneuver. Didn’t think I could go on a 5 day trip with only a carry on, but with this little gem I can.


Learned One

Well Built

Loves all the extras like leather bag tag, laundry bag, separate compartments, wheels.
I expect to get many years of life from this bag.



Lighweight and great size for overseas travel

Just returned from a trip to Asia and this suitcase worked out perfectly. I had no problems with the size on any of the airlines I took. The bag is lightweight and fits quite a few items. It was easy to wheel around airports and hotels. I know it is a bit early to confirm durability- after only one trip – but it is off to a very good start.


Kathleen DiMino

Great Suitcase, bought 3

I bought 2 carry-on sizes for kids as early Christmas gifts for an international trip last week. They held up very well and we loved all the compartments. Lightweight, nice looking and stowed overhead on a small plane very well. I liked them so much that I ordered a third suitcase for myself! Only “flaw” is that there are no inside straps to hold clothes in place. The zippered compartments help but if it’s not full, things fall to the bottom.


Sabrina Rubio

I purchased this suitcase a few months ago in preparation for a trip in November. I wanted a suitcase that I would be able to take on the plane as a carry on. The suitcase was very light – I could lift it (most of my smaller suitcases are heavier) and it rolls very smoothly (more smoothly than my other suitcases). I liked the fact that the inside of the suitcase had zipper compartments so everything stayed in its place when I open the suitcase. The funny thing though is that I had to google the instructions on how to change the combo lock….it wasn’t until I was on my trip that I found the instructions in the zipper pocket inside the suitcase! I generally have other travel size bags that I use to organize my clothes, toiletries, etc. so I did not use the zipper pockets (so hence missing the instructions the first time). I plan on buying another Chester for my husband for our next trip.


Pam Dasher

Perfect carry on

Purchased this after doing a lot of research and it’s perfect. So glad I chose this over other options – it’s even $50 cheaper!