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Light weight & maneuverable

This is my second Chester bag. Purchased the carry-on version a year ago and loved it so much decided to buy the Chester medium bag. Lightweight, secure with the TSA lock, zippers are sturdy inside and out, plenty of room to store clothes and items. Iโ€™ve stuffed this bag to bursting and bag was not overweight. Has held up well on two trips to Hawaii. Plan on taking it to the Caribbean and will let you know if thereโ€™s any updates. So far I have found these bags to be outstanding products, both the carryon bag and this medium checked bag.



Got the matching charcoal Regula to match my carry-on. Great bag!




We have two of these and are very happy with them! We’ve taken them on numerous trips and they are extremely lightweight. The wheels work great.



Convenient, easy to transport, and durable

This is a phenomenal suitcase. I like that when you’re packing, you can zip up the contents of each half of the suitcase before closing and zipping the whole thing up. Makes it easy to pack and keep things separate. It rolls extremely smoothly and seems to be quite durable. Zippers appear to be good quality. Highly recommended.


Verified Buyer

Light weight

Travel great piece of luggage.


Lauren Wolman

Excited to Pack?!

I’ve been dragging my feet on getting a new piece of full-sized luggage for over 2 years now. I was scared I wouldn’t find the right one or it would be too expensive.

But after traveling with the Chester carry-on – I knew I had to get their full-sized bag when it was released. Just like the carry-on, this bag rolls like an absolute dream. You can find me offering all my friends to give it a test.

I have to pack and repack for work trips A LOT and I usually dread it but packing in my Chester makes me feel organized and together. Kind of like how I feel when I have a manicure.

I absolutely LOVE the clamshell build, the four wheels, the fact that everything in my bag doesn’t get drenched on a rainy day, the color, the fact that it’s super lightweight.

The best part – my carry-on nests inside it perfectly to save on storage space in my apartment. I recommend the Chester to anyone looking for a new suitcase!


Ann S.

Worth the cost!

This is my favorite piece of luggage! The locks are on top by the handle and sit flat so they won’t get broken off like other luggage I’ve owned. The outside finish hides scuff marks. Fabulous!



starsIntegrated function and style – excellent investment in my travel planning

The Chester travel case is lightweight, meets TSA standards for carry on, is well proportioned for packing and separating soiled from fresh clothes, and on a 3-4 day travel easy to handle and sufficiently roomy.



Love my bag. The ocean blue is beautiful. Fits a few days of clothing. Couldn’t ask for more for a checked suitcase.


Verified Buyer

Easy to use but limited capacity.

The style, the weight and maneuverability are all excellent , but I was expecting more room inside. The compartments on both sides are zippered, so it limits “squeeze-packing” that you can do with a more open case.



Great for short trip

I bought this for my husband who had a 4 day trip. He did not want to have to check a bag so we purchased this for that reason. The luggage held more than we thought it could was lightweight and easy to maneuver.



It’s a beautiful bag. Don’t know what I would do without it ๐Ÿ™‚


Donny Xu

I love it, its exactly what i needed for a few trips. It is easy to roll and holds a lot. Perfect for carryon luggage. I don’t see any wear on it yet but if i do i will probably just get another one!


Jacky Xu

Can’t beat this suitcase for the price. I compared it against ones from other sites and I couldn’t find any that were in this price range and had features like this one.

The shell is made of a semi rigid, shock absorbing plastic material. It seems much less likely to crack than a fully rigid case. The wheels run very smoothly, and it’s quite easy to roll on all four wheels or leaned over on two wheels.