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Perfect !

Very strong, very light , very secured !


Michelle Morrison

Perfect Carry-on

I absolutely love this suitcase. I figured it was time to invest in a quality carryon and this was a great buy! It maneuvers so easily with the wheels and is incredibly durable. I’ve already taken it on many trips and I see it lasting a long time. Also the blue color 🙂




what a nice bag! definitely worth the price.



I like the set but the Maxima may be too large for some. Otherwise, great quality products and the laundry bag in both bags is a nice touch.



Good quality, very expensive

Very nice color, zippers very smooth and stay in place. Casing of the suitcase is very durable and flexible. Will update review as I use the suitcase more.


Miki R.

Great bag! Had an issue with shipping but it was rectified immediately. Awesome customer service.



nice set

worth the price!


Ruth Mendes

Perfect carry-on suitcase

I love the size, weight and style of this suitcase. It has a combination lock that is easy to set. My favorite features of this suitcase are the double zipped sides. NO more clothes falling out of a suitcase because I opened the wrong side. The include dirty clothes bag is also a nice addition. I’ve used it for an overnight ski trip and for a weekend getaway and it is my new go to carry on size suitcase. Love everything about it.



Very nice bag with 1 exception

I purchased this bag for an international trip. I do really like it. It’s sturdy, glides well, & the handle feels secure. My only con is that both sides have a zipped compartment. I think having one side with just compression straps would make it a perfect bag. For those that are above average size / height, it’s tough to roll clothes and then zip the compartment closed. I had to remove a third of what I wanted to bring and lay everything flat.



The bag held up well.


Brenda P.

Thank you Chester!

Love the interior. Made my packing so much easier!


M. Laine

Very smart looking!

This luggage competes with ‘Away’ and is less expensive. It does not have the usb charger, but don’t you already have one to stick in the luggage? Very good looking and both sides, inside, zip up to protect your belongings in case it suddenly opens on the luggage belt, thanks to the people handling the luggage.



I really like this set. Would be nice if there was backpack or matching weekender.


Stef C.

beautiful bag