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Best I’ve Had

This is a review of the Chester Carry On Luggage.

I travel constantly and go through luggage like crazy. On one level, the polycarbonate carry ons are all the same. But, not really. If you are detailed, like I am, here’s a comparison of the Chester to all carry-ons I’ve owned before:

Wheels: Chester as good as any, may be better. It rolls easily, even over the carpet that is sometimes in airports or hotels. Most luggage I’ve owned in the past gets a little harder to pull over carpet. Not as difficult with the Chester.
Weight: I haven’t weighed it, but Chester “feels” slightly lighter.
Durability: I’ve only had it for two trips. I’m hard on luggage as I travel a lot. This seems like it should hold up at least as well as any I’ve ever had.
Extension Handle: Seems well made. On first two trips it stays solid when rolling sideways. In some of my others the entension twisted a little when rolling sideways. And, the release on the extension is solid and easy to use without too much effort.
Luggage Handles: The only negative. They are a bit too small for me to comfortably get my hand under them for a solid grip. Not bad, just not as good as some others I’ve had and not up to the thoughtfullness shown in the other elements of the product.
“Packability”: This is the most important element to me. In fact, the pictures of the inside on the Amazon website are what got me to buy the thing in the first place. And, I’m not disappointed. Consider each side of a typical carry-on… a. On the inside of the “extension tube” side, the two extension tubes stick through to the inside so you don’t have a flat surface to pack on. It’s part of the deal with every piece I’ve ever had, regardless of size. I use it for shoes and fill in the spaces with little things, like socks, etc. But, the Chester has something I haven’t had before: That side has a zip-up cover which is terrific. On every other piece I’ve had, there is just a small canvas harness that covers that side of the luggage, so little things might fall out when the item is open. The Chester has a zipped cover so when it that side is full, you zip up the cover and nothing can fall out.
b. Flat side, inside: This is where the luggage really shines. On almost all other carry ons I’ve had, the space on the flat side is kind of small. I’m not sure why, but the designes are flat and the zip up cover doesn’t allow much depth for packing. The Chester has as close to an “empty box” as I’ve ever seen, and it’s pretty deep. It makes it the easiest I’ve ever used to fold slacks, shirts, even a suit jacket. It might seem like a little thing, but for someone like me who is always looking for the extra cubic inch of usable packing space, it’s the best I’ve ever had.
Size: It is absolutely the largest size allowable on airplanes, except maybe for a franction of an inch in height. That makes it have the most interior space, which is important to me.
Small Airplanes: If you fly on some of the regional jets, you know that overhead bin space is at a premium and normal carry on size, including the Chester, needs to be checked. When I know I’m going on that kind of airplane, I just take a really small carry-on (I’ve got a couple made just for that purpose) or plan to check it. Chester no different from all others in that regard.
Price: Could be the most expensive piece I’ve ever bought for the purpose. The little things I’ve mentioned that make the Chester stand out vs everything I’ve ever owned before make me price insensitive. In connection with price, I’ve never owned any of the “luxury brands”. I’m thinking of Rimowa and Tumi for examples. They cost a lot more. I’m hard on luggage and I’ve never found any of those that have more functionality than what I buy historically, although I think the Rimowa polycarbonate might be a tiny bit lighter (maybe). I don’t believe any of those brands will stand up any better than the Chester. As I said, I’m hard on luggage and travel a lot. I have no idea how long the Chester will last. My best guess is only 2 years, more or less. That’s neither more nor less than I would say about any luggage. As I said, I travel a lot and I’m hard on luggage! So, I really like Chester, it is the most functional I’ve ever owned and the price is, at least for me, a non-issue vs. the functionality.
Finally… I just found out that they don’t make their stuff in any other sizes. It’s too bad. As I’ve said several times, my wife and I are hard on luggage, we’re ready to replace most of what we have and based on my experience with the Chester carry on I’d buy their other sizes, too.


Humming Bird

performed well

Took this little suitcase on an overseas trip and it held up great!


John McDonald

Well made

This case appears well made and came with a protective cover for storage. I believe it will be great for keeping some clothes and personal items with me on my next trip as opposed to checking bags…..and loosing them!




Can’t say enough about my satisfaction with this luggage! It truly is perfect, exceeding my expectations. Quality construction, more than accommodating my garments and toiletries, looks and feels more premium than the price. Home run!!!


Danielle B.

Awesome carry-on

I usually avoid suitcases in favor of a Tom Bihn travel backpack, as most wheeled cases are bulky and push the limits of carry-on allowances. Chester, however, is sleek and lightweight. It rolls easily (a bit harder on carpet like all spinners), and seems well made. I took it on its maiden voyage last week and I was amazed at how much it held (more than my husband’s larger soft-sided case) and how the clamshell design made it easier to keep things organized. The bag fit very easily in the overhead of a JetBlue A320 (wheels or handle out), and I feel confident it would fit on smaller aircraft. I’m looking forward to taking Chester on more adventures.



This bag precisely fits the 9 x 14 x 22 nominal size limit for most major airlines. It is hard-sided and does not allow stuffing extra things into it or expanding in any direction. It seems very well-made and rolls and spins nicely. There are no extraneous bells and whistles, meaning that the maximum possible space is available for packing. There is a zippered covering on each half of the bag, with several zippered compartments built into this larger covering. Of course the fixed-dimension nature of this bag makes it impossible to stuff a great deal into these sub-compartments. I’ve only used the bag on two trips so far, but it worked beautifully on both occasions. The only question will be how durable it is, especially the outer zipper that closes the bag and absorbs all the sideways forces on the bag when it’s closed. So far I’m very happy with this purchase.


tina ridgeway

Easy to roll

Used it this week for the first time. So easy to roll! I had enough room for 2 days of business attire and workout clothes and shoes. Very lighy and easy to navigate. So far very nice.


Scott Silbert

Surprisingly Large Little suitcase

I needed a new carry-on for a 2 night business trip to LA and this bag did the job perfectly.
It was well designed sturdy and fit a ton of stuff in it neatly and organized!
I highly recommend it!


Sharon Guertler

I like the size, the color, the spinner, lightweight and quality of the carry-on. I have not yet taken it on a trip. My last luggage was not waterproof and twice my clothes got pretty soaked when the left our luggage on the tarmac during a storm.



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Tim Moncrief

Perfection is 5 stars….

If you desire the best of the best in luggage, this is for you. Even zippers and lining are made from quality materials. The locking mechanism is a bit tricky, which is perfect, as anyone not familiar with Chestier will likely take 10-15 minutes to determine how to open the suitcase, even without setting a locking code. i.e. Any luggage handler will highly likely not be able to open the luggage. This was a gift for my daughter, but I will be getting one for me and another for my mother. Yes, it is that good. Pay the extra money over the $140 suitcases as the quality is dramatically better. Time will determine how long it will last, but I am more confident with this luggage than my existing luggage. I don’t see how it will be damaged, crushed or heavily scratched. Superior wheels in strength and smoothness as it glides…… Enjoy!


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Scott Raine

10 Days in England

My family of 4 flew to England over the Christmas holidays to watch soccer games. We traveled to four different cities by train. Each of us had packed a backpack and the Chester Carry-On. The luggage held up wonderfuly, and we were sooo happy we did not need to check bags at the airport. This was an extremely smart purchase for us. Very, very pleased with the luggage.


Jay F Lehnertz

Perfect for the frequent traveler.

Sized for carrying on board all flights. Accommodates clothing for at least a week. Light weight.