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Little Passports: Overview, Subscription Options, and Feedback

If you’re a lover of all things travel-related, and if you’re a parent, then you probably hope your child will develop the same love for exploration that you have. At the same time, traveling the globe with younger children isn’t a walk in the park. While you may try to plan as many explorations as possible with your little one, you may not get out to see the world as much as you’d like. After all, life with kids is chaotic. We get it!

Still, there are plenty of fun and effective ways to get your child interested in the world around him or her, instilling that same love for travel and learning about different cultures as you have. This is where a subscription box known as Little Passports could come in handy around your household.

What is Little Passports?

Subscription boxes have become increasingly popular in recent years. From makeup/beauty product subscriptions for women to toy/treat subscriptions for your pet, it seems as though there’s something out there for everybody. Little Passports is a popular subscription box that focuses on travel-related games, toys, and activities for children of varying age groups. Specifically, subscription packages are available for kids ages 3-5, 6-8, and 9+. Per the Little Passports website, their unique packages are designed to “inspire your child to learn about the world.”

Potential Benefits of a Little Passports Subscription

If you have a child who is even remotely interested in traveling or learning about other parts of the world, this subscription box can offer a number of benefits. For starters, there are multiple subscription options based on age group (more on that below), which makes it easy to choose a subscription option that is custom-tailored to your child’s current age and abilities.

Furthermore, because Little Passports boxes are designed to be mess-free, they make for an excellent and stress-free activity that parents can feel good about. The activities found inside the Little Passports boxes are great for keeping children of all ages occupied and engaged on a rainy day—and each box contains high-quality materials with online supplementation for further learning and exploration.

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Some other potential educational benefits for children with a Little Passports subscription include:

  • greater geographical awareness
  • better knowledge of other cultures
  • ability to read and understand maps

If you plan on getting your child his or her own passport and traveling with him or her at any point down the road, this subscription service can also help to prepare your little one by teaching him or her about your destination.

Little Passports Subscription Options

There are a few different subscription options available based on your child’s age and some other factors. For ages 3-5, the Early Explorers package is ideal; this plan comes with a first-month delivery of a fun orange suitcase, wall-sized world map, activity booklet, luggage tag, and more. From there, you’ll receive ongoing monthly packages with a different theme each month, such as music, food, oceans, and more.

For children ages 6-10, a World Edition package includes a first shipment of a blue suitcase filled with a world map, collectible coins, activity sheets, stuffed animals, and a passport. From there, additional monthly packages are centered around a new country each month, with boxes including toys and souvenirs for each country, stickers, activity sheets, photos, and more.

The USA Edition package is focused on children ages 7-12 and comes with an initial delivery of a USA field guide and scratch book, a wall-sized map of the United States, and a fun photo scavenger hunt project. Additional monthly packages feature two new states each month and come with activity journals for each state, stickers, postcards, and more.

For children ages 9 and older, the Science Expeditions package is available and includes a first-month’s delivery of a signature tote bag, science lab notebook, forensic experiment kit, fingerprint analysis card, and more. Additional monthly packages allow children to solve a new scientific mystery each month using hands-on experiments and other activities.

From a price standpoint, parents can expect to spend around $15-$18 per month plus shipping for a Little Passports subscription. However, there are often promotions and special discounts posted on the Little Passports website that can save you money. Subscriptions can also be purchased cheaper in 6- or 12-month commitments as opposed to a slightly more expensive month-to-month service.

Reviews of Little Passports

A quick online search will yield a number of reviews written by parents who have purchased Little Passports subscriptions for their little ones of varying ages. The general consensus seems to be that children can learn a lot about the world from these monthly deliveries and that most children will be genuinely engaged and interested in the activities included with each new package. Many parents also enjoyed the large world map that comes in the initial delivery, noting that the map is referred to on a regular basis among family members.

Parents also enjoyed that the activities found in Little Passport shipments are mess-free (with the exception of some of the Science Expeditions projects) and that children could be occupied for hours completing the activities in their subscription box.

On the other hand, some parents of younger children noted that the subscription boxes are not something you can simply open up and leave for your child to explore on his or her own. A lot of guidance may be needed for children in younger age groups; otherwise, they may lose interest or focus rather quickly. However, this is to be expected from nearly any activity within that age group. Parents will need to set aside the time to discuss each shipment and possibly help with the activities as well.

Some parents also noted that it is easy for the smaller items (such as cards and stickers) to become misplaced and thus recommend keeping all Little Passports learning materials inside the suitcase that comes in the initial shipment.

Overall, parents with children of all ages seem to think that the Little Passports subscription is a good value and worth trying out—especially for children who are showing a growing interest in learning about the world around them. It’s also a great tool for parents who want to get their children engaged in different parts of the world and prepare them for global travel.

Is a Little Passports Subscription Right For Your Family?

If you’re on-the-fence about trying Little Passports for your child, there are some things to consider. For starters, what age group does your child fall into? Since subscription packages are age-based, this will help you determine which package would be best suited for your child. From there, take some time to read about the details of that package; ultimately, you know your child best and will be able to determine whether he or she would be interested in the kinds of activities included.

Another thing to consider is whether you have the time and resources to explore each subscription with your child as it arrives. This is especially important for younger children, as they will need guidance and explanation as they work their way through the included activities. Parents have reported that going through a single subscription box can easily be a 3-4 hour commitment, so you’ll want to make sure you have the ability to set that time aside if you want your child to get the most out of the subscription. This can be challenging for families with multiple children.

Finally, consider the pricing. With shipping included, you can expect to spend about $20 per month on a Little Passports subscription; however, there are frequent promotions and you can also save if you use a referral code from another member. If pricing is a concern, be sure to explore options for saving. Little Passports subscriptions can also be gifted, so this is another option to consider if your child has an upcoming birthday or another gift-giving holiday.

Making the Most Out of a Little Passport Subscription

If you’ve already decided to give Little Passports a try, there are some additional tips worth keeping in mind that may help you (and your child) make the most of the subscription.

For starters, be sure to use the large wall map that is included with your initial shipment. Hang it up somewhere easily accessible where you and your child spend a lot of time each day. This will make it easy to refer to when you discuss different parts of the world. You can make the map more interactive like a flight tracker app and relatable to your child by putting stickers on countries where you’ve traveled, for example.

Furthermore, you’ll receive emails about upcoming Little Passport themes before each shipment arrives. Take time to read about upcoming themes and activities so that you can be better prepared to work through them with your child.

The Bottom Line on Little Passports

Overall, Little Passports offers some excellent learning opportunities for children of all ages who want to explore the world around them. If you’re looking for a subscription box that will keep your child occupied and engaged while being educational and relevant, Little Passports may be worth a try. While there is no substitute for actually taking your child to explore different parts of the world, Little Passports is probably the next best thing!

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