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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Baggage Fees 2024: What To Expect

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the largest airline operating out Amsterdam, with Air France-KLM being its parent company. Offering flights to more than 140 destinations across the globe, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the oldest operating airline in the world. If you have plans to fly with this popular airline for an upcoming trip—whether it be for business or pleasure—you’ll want to make sure you’re familiar with the airline’s baggage fees and policies. You can compare to EL AL Israel Airlines baggage fees if you want to see the difference in pricing for a major airline.

From understanding how many carry-ons and checked bags you’re permitted to making sure to avoid overweight/oversized bags, there are quite a few policies you’ll want to be aware of before you fly. This way, you can arrive at the airport with confidence and avoid surprise fees/charges as you embark on your trip.

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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Checked and Carry-On Allowances

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has relatively standard policies for carry-on and checked bags, so you probably won’t be too surprised by any of their allowances or fees. And if you’re flying in an upper class, you’ll probably find that the airline’s policies for baggage are actually quite generous. At the same time, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines baggage policies can also be a bit confusing since they’re based not just on the type of fare you book, but your dates of travel and your specific route. With this in mind, your best bet for determining your exact fees is to use their online calculator tool.

Checked Bag Allowances and Fees

Again, using the baggage calculator on KLM’s website is your best bet for determining how many checked bags will come with your fare (and what their weight allowances will be), but there are some general policies for checked baggage on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to be aware of.

For starters, understand the five different fare options available on most flights: Economy Light, Economy Standard, Premium Economy, Business, and First Class. Your checked baggage allowances generally increase along with the class. For example, Economy Light fares don’t come with any checked bags included—meaning you’ll need to pay out-of-pocket to check any luggage.

Economy Standard fares may include one or two checked bags for free, depending on your route. All Premium Economy and Business fares include two free checked bags, with First Class fares maxing out at three checked bags.

Keep in mind that weight allowances can also vary by fare and route; in general, checked bags will need to be between 50 and 70 pounds to avoid overweight bag fees. Regardless of your fare or route, however, maximum linear dimensions for checked bags are 62 linear inches.

Carry-On Allowances and Fees

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has relatively generous allowances for carry-on baggage (also commonly referred to as handbag luggage by the airline). All passengers, regardless of fare, are permitted one personal/accessory item (such as a briefcase or purse) for free, in addition to 1-2 standard carry-on bags.

For most routes, Economy passengers are limited to one personal item and one standard carry-on bag weighing no more than 26 pounds and measuring no greater than 21.5″ x 13.5″ x 10″. Premium Economy, Business, and First Class fares are generally permitted an additional standard-size bag with the same maximum dimensions. However, passengers with these fares have a higher maximum weight limit of 40 pounds for all of their carry-on items combined.

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What About Infants, Strollers, and Baby Gear?

Those traveling with lap infants are permitted to bring one additional carry-on item, such as a diaper bag, provided that it weighs less than 26.4 pounds and doesn’t measure greater than 21.6″ x 9.8″ x 13.7″. This does not count against your carry-on luggage included with your fare.

If you’ll also be traveling with a collapsible stroller and/or car seat, these can be brought onto the plane at no additional charge. Be sure to check with customer service before you fly, however, as some larger strollers may need to count as your additional carry-on.

If you arrive at the gate with a carry-on that is too large, you’ll be required to check the bag and pay any applicable fees.

Charges For Additional Bags and Overweight Luggage

For most Economy fares, there is a strict weight limit of 50 pounds apiece of checked bags. Business and First Class checked bags may have higher weight limits of up to 70 pounds, but this can vary depending on your route and (in some cases) your dates of travel. Regardless of the fare you’ve purchased, checked bags on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines may never exceed 62 linear inches. This measurement should include all handles, wheels, and other accessories.

Overweight baggage fees can vary greatly depending on your route. In general, you can expect to pay between $60-$112 for an overweight bag one way. Oversized fees can also vary based on route but generally range from $45 to $340 one way. If you’re traveling with a bag that is both oversized and overweight, both fees can be assessed. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why it’s so important to both measure and weigh your bags before leaving for the airport, as these fees can quickly add up.

If you need to purchase additional checked bags beyond what is included with your fare, fees can vary greatly depending on your fare type and route. Expect to spend between $75 and $285 for an additional checked bag if you wait until you arrive at the airport to pay.

Saving On KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Baggage Fees (Or Avoiding Them Altogether)

There are a few ways to save on baggage fees when you fly with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Pre-Pay For Your Baggage Online

If you’ll be checking additional baggage beyond what’s included standard with your fare, you can save a nice chunk of change by doing this online before your flight. For example, an Economy Class passenger can pay just $160 to add a bag online versus $200 at the airport for some fares.

Avoid Overweight and Oversized Bags

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is known for having pretty hefty overweight and oversized baggage fees to deter passengers from traveling with overweight/oversized bags. You’ll save a lot of money by simply measuring and weighing your bags before your flight to make sure they’re within your fare’s allowances. You can use a luggage scale for an accurate weight. When measuring for size, be sure to include any wheels, handles, or other accessories as well.

Purchase the Appropriate Fare or Limit Luggage to Carry-Ons

If you know you’re going to need checked baggage, you may want to avoid purchasing a fare that doesn’t include it (such as Economy Light fares). Specifically, take time to consider your checked baggage needs and make sure to purchase an appropriate fare to accommodate them. Another option would be to limit what you pack to your carry-ons, especially if you’re going on a relatively short trip. Going this route will also give you the added benefit of avoiding that dreaded wait at the baggage carousel once your flight lands.

Seek Reimbursement From Your Credit Card Company

Some credit card companies include baggage fee reimbursement as a perk to card-holders, so if this is something your travel credit card company offers, be sure to follow their guidelines for receiving reimbursement or an account credit after your trip. In most cases, you’ll simply need to pay for your baggage fees using your eligible credit card and then submit a request for an account credit upon your return.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Baggage Policies: Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about KLM Royal Dutch Airlines baggage fees and policies.

How can I pre-pay for my luggage?

You can pay for your luggage online at the same time you check-in for your flight. This can be done up to 30 minutes before your flight is scheduled to depart. If you’ll be adding any checked bags, you can actually save a fair amount of money by doing it online rather than waiting until you get to the airport.

What are KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ carry-on allowances?

Carry-on allowances can vary depending on your fare, but all passengers are permitted at least one personal item and one standard-sized carry-on for their flight. Specific weight limits can vary depending on fare, so be sure to check with the KLM online baggage calculator to find out more about your carry-on allowances before you fly.

Do any fares come with free checked baggage?

Yes, most fares with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines come with at least some standard checked baggage for free. The exception to this is the Economy Light fare, which is not available on all routes. Base Economy fares include 1-2 checked bags (depending on route), and all Premium Economy and Business fares include two pieces of luggage. First Class fares always include three pieces of checked luggage, regardless of route.

What if I’m traveling with special equipment?

Check with the airline directly if you’ll be traveling with any special gear, such as medical equipment, sporting equipment, musical instruments, and the like.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Customer Service Number

If you are looking for assistance regarding your KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight, there are a number of customer service channels you can use. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to get help is by calling their customer service number.

To get in touch with a representative, simply dial +1-844-903-1897. You will then be connected with a customer service representative who will be able to assist you with a variety of queries, including flight status updates, baggage allowances, seat upgrades, and more.

Whether you are travelling domestically or internationally, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals available to assist you around the clock. With a focus on delivering exceptional customer service, you can rest assured that your questions and concerns will be handled in a timely and efficient manner.

In addition to calling their customer service number, you can also get assistance by visiting their website or social media pages. This airline is committed to providing their passengers with a seamless travel experience, so if you need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out to their customer service team.

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