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Best Compression Socks For Travel 2021

Have you ever been surprised to find that your legs, feet, or ankles are swollen following a long flight? Perhaps you even suffer from leg pain as you make your way from your gate to baggage claim. If this happens... Read More

Travel Tips

Air Travel With Child Car Seats: Everything You Need To Know

Flying with children can be stressful enough—but when you’re traveling with young children, things can get even more complicated. One of the biggest points of confusion for parents when it comes to air travel with small children is whether kids... Read More

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Your Ultimate Guide To GasBuddy: Saving At The Pump

No matter how often you drive, fluctuating gas prices can be frustrating. If you’ve ever filled up your tank—only to see gas prices drop dramatically the next day—you may be all-too-familiar with this annoyance. The same applies if you’ve ever... Read More


Best Luggage For International Travel 2021

International travel can open up the opportunity for a new world of experiences. Immersing yourself in different cultures and customs can expand your world view and enhance your own outlook on life. At the same time, international travel can be... Read More

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Amtrak Baggage Fees 2021: What to Expect

You may already be familiar with the baggage policies and fees of your favorite airlines. However, if you need to travel by train, you’ll need to take some time to research the company’s baggage allowances as well. If you’ll be... Read More

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Your Ultimate Trip-Planning Guide From Start to Finish

The prospect of planning a vacation can be an exciting one; getting to see and experience new places and cultures can enhance your worldview and give you a much-needed break from reality. Of course, the actual process of planning a trip can... Read More

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Your Guide to Preparing For (& Surviving!) a Red-Eye Flight

Travelers often have mixed emotions about red-eye flights. On the one hand, they can save money and negate the need for an overnight stay in a hotel. On the flip side, they can also interrupt your sleep patterns and leave... Read More

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Your Ultimate Guide to Packing For a Cruise

Cruises are a popular option among travelers who want to explore numerous destinations while traveling in comfort and style. Cruises also tend to be a cost-effective option for seeing multiple points of interest in one trip. If you’ve never been... Read More

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Travel Insurance 101: Your Guide to Buying the Right Policy

Traveling the world and exploring new cultures can be a life-changing experience—but no matter how painstakingly you arrange every last detail of your trip, there’s always a chance that things won’t go according to plan. Maybe it’ll be something as simple... Read More

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Best Sleep Mask 2021

Whether you do a lot of traveling or not, many people can benefit from a great sleep mask. And while sleep masks come in a wide variety of styles and designs, they all serve one core purpose of blocking out... Read More

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CVS Passport Photo: What You Need To Know

Whether you’re applying for a United States passport for the first time or looking to renew an existing passport for an upcoming trip, you’ll be required to submit two identical passport photos along with your application. There are few exceptions... Read More

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How Early Should I Actually Arrive At The Airport?

If you’ve ever come close to missing a flight, then you know just how stressful it can be to watch those minutes tick off the clock while you try to rush to your gate. The good news is that missing... Read More

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TSA PreCheck Versus Global Entry: Understanding The Differences

If you’re like most travelers, you dread the hassle of going through airport security. Not only can it be time-consuming, but the process itself can be a headache. From having to remove your shoes and separate your electronics from the... Read More

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Best Travel Journal 2021

Whether you do a lot of traveling or just the occasional trip, keeping a travel journal can be a great way to document your adventures. Specifically, a travel journal is a document (usually bound with a cover and individual pages)... Read More