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The Lowdown On Bringing Your Baby’s Stroller On A Plane

Do you have an upcoming flight with your baby and are wondering if you can bring a stroller on a plane? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will cover everything you need to know about bringing a stroller on a plane so that you can make the most informed decision for your family. We’ll discuss the regulations, costs, and tips for making the most of your stroller on a plane. So read on for the lowdown on bringing your baby’s stroller on a plane!

Can You Bring A Stroller On A Plane?

The answer is yes, you can bring a stroller on a plane. Most airlines will allow you to check your stroller at the gate and there is no additional fee for doing so. You may even be able to take it on board as a carry-on item depending on the size and type of stroller. It’s always best to check with your airline in advance to find out their policies and any restrictions they may have in place.

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If you’re traveling with a baby or small child, it’s recommended that you bring a lightweight, foldable stroller with you, as this will make it easier to transport through the airport. The type of stroller you choose should also depend on how much space you have available to store it during your flight. If you have limited room, then a compact umbrella stroller would be ideal.

How Much Does It Cost To Check A Stroller?

The cost of checking a stroller depends on the airline you fly with, but typically it is between $15 and $35 per bag. Airlines may also offer discounts for infants, so if you are traveling with an infant, be sure to ask about any potential discounts. Additionally, if you book your tickets in advance, you may be able to save on the cost of checking a stroller. If you’re checking a car seat along with your stroller, some airlines allow you to check both items for one fee.

It’s also important to note that some airlines have a maximum weight allowance for checked items, including strollers. Depending on the airline, the maximum weight can be anywhere from 25 to 45 pounds. If your stroller weighs more than the maximum allowable weight, you will likely have to pay an additional fee.

When packing your stroller for check-in, be sure to include any accessories such as cupholders, organizers, or blankets so that they don’t get lost during the trip. When checking your stroller, make sure to securely fasten the straps and ties so that your stroller is secure during transit.

What Are The Best Types Of Strollers For Flying?

When you’re flying with your baby, it’s important to select the right type of stroller for the journey. There are several factors to consider, such as size, weight, and maneuverability.

For short flights, a lightweight umbrella stroller is your best bet. This type of stroller can easily be folded up and stored in overhead compartments or underneath the seat. It’s also very lightweight and easy to maneuver through the airport.

If you plan on taking longer trips or checking a stroller, then a full-sized stroller might be a better choice. These models are generally more comfortable for your baby, and they offer more storage space for luggage or other items. They also feature larger wheels which make them easier to push through airports and onto airplanes.

When choosing a stroller for air travel, make sure to check the maximum dimensions for checked luggage. Most airlines have strict size requirements for carry-on and checked baggage, and you don’t want to find out at the gate that your stroller is too large to fit in the overhead bin or check-in counter.

Finally, consider investing in a travel bag for your stroller. These bags can help protect your stroller from dirt and damage during transport, and they make it easier to check your stroller at the gate.

Overall, there are many different types of strollers available for air travel. Depending on the length of your trip, you may need to choose a lightweight umbrella stroller or a full-sized model with a travel bag. Make sure to check size restrictions before purchasing your stroller and double-check any airline regulations before traveling with your little one!

How Do You Transport A Stroller Through The Airport?

Traveling with a baby can be stressful, but one way to make the process easier is to bring your own stroller. Before you attempt to transport it through the airport, though, it’s important to know the rules and guidelines.

Most airports will allow you to take a stroller right up to the gate, which is especially useful if you have a long layover or need to wait for your boarding call. In some cases, however, you may be required to check the stroller in with your checked baggage. It’s best to check with your airline before you leave to find out their exact policies.

In either case, you’ll want to make sure the stroller is compact and easy to manage while you’re going through airport security. Many airlines will allow collapsible strollers that can fit in overhead bins or under your seat. If the stroller has large wheels or a handlebar, it may be too big to take through security and must be checked.

When you’re ready to board your flight, most airlines will allow you to take the stroller right onto the plane and store it in an overhead compartment or underneath the seat in front of you. If it’s too big for those areas, some airlines may be able to stow it in the cargo hold.

The best way to ensure a smooth experience when bringing a stroller through the airport is to plan ahead. Make sure you know your airline’s policies and have all the necessary equipment on hand to make transport as easy as possible.

How Do You Store A Stroller During A Flight?

When traveling with a stroller, it is important to know how to store the stroller during the flight. Airlines typically require you to fold and store your stroller in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.

For overhead bins, make sure the stroller is folded and securely latched. The best option is to bring a lightweight, compact stroller that can fit in the overhead compartment. Some airlines may not allow strollers in the overhead bins due to weight restrictions, so be sure to check with your airline for specific regulations.

For storing under the seat in front of you, use the same guidelines as for overhead storage. You will need to fold and latch the stroller before placing it in the seat area. It is recommended to use a car seat bag for storage so that the stroller does not interfere with passenger comfort or the safety of other passengers.

When flying with a baby, it is important to make sure you have ample storage space for their stroller. Make sure you are prepared by folding and latching the stroller correctly and keeping all necessary items within arm’s reach. This way, you can easily access them when needed during the flight.

Airline Rules For Traveling With A Stroller

American Airlines

American Airlines says strollers are allowed and can be checked in at the ticket counter or curbside check-in, but they must not exceed 40 pounds.

Delta Airlines

For Delta Airlines, strollers can be checked at the ticket counter or curbside check-in, with no weight limit.

United Airlines

United Airlines says strollers can be checked in at the ticket counter or curbside check-in and have no weight limit.


JetBlue says strollers can be checked in at the ticket counter or curbside check-in and have no weight limit.

Southwest Airlines

For Southwest Airlines, strollers can be checked in at the ticket counter or curbside check-in and have no weight limit.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines says strollers can be checked in at the ticket counter or curbside check-in and have no weight limit.

Hawaiian Airlines

For Hawaiian Airlines, strollers can be checked in at the ticket counter or curbside check-in and have no weight limit.

Air Canada

Air Canada says strollers can be checked in at the ticket counter or curbside check-in and must not exceed 40 pounds.

British Airways

For British Airways, strollers can be checked in at the ticket counter or curbside check-in, with no weight limit.


For Lufthansa, strollers can be checked in at the ticket counter or curbside check-in, with no weight limit.

Tips For Flying With A Baby

Following these tips can help make your trip a more enjoyable experience for both you and your baby!

  1. Pack light – When flying with a baby, it’s important to travel as lightly as possible. Make sure to only bring what is necessary and keep the weight of your bags to a minimum.
  2. Have the right supplies – Ensure that you have everything you need for your baby before heading to the airport. Bring enough diapers, baby formula, wipes, and any other supplies you may need to make your trip as easy as possible.
  3. Bring a carrier – Having a baby carrier can make navigating the airport much easier. Not only will it free up your hands, but it can also be useful when boarding the plane and taking walks throughout the terminal.
  4. Consider an early flight – If you’re traveling with a baby, try to book an early morning flight. This way, your little one will most likely be sleeping during the flight, making it much more comfortable for everyone.
  5. Bring snacks – Babies can get fussy during long flights, so it’s best to come prepared with snacks. You can bring along some small snacks for them such as crackers or cereal bars to keep them occupied and happy.
  6. Dress in layers – Wearing clothes in layers can make for easy access when it comes to changing diapers or clothing your child. Also, since temperatures in airplanes can vary, dressing your baby in layers can help keep them warm or cool depending on the conditions.
  7. Take advantage of pre-boarding – Most airlines allow passengers with small children to pre-board before the regular boarding process begins. Taking advantage of this can make boarding much easier and less stressful.

The Bottom Line

Traveling with a baby is never easy, but it can be made easier with a stroller. While it may seem daunting at first to bring a stroller on a plane, there are a few simple steps you can take to make it happen. Check with your airline in advance to see what their policy is regarding strollers and be sure to follow all the guidelines. Also, consider the type of stroller you’ll need for air travel and try to pack light. If you follow these tips, you’ll have a smooth and stress-free experience when you bring your baby’s stroller on a plane.

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