Norwegian Air Baggage Fees 2020: What To Expect

Norwegian Air is a large airline known for its low fares and many destination offerings. With more than 130 planes in their fleet and 500 different routes across the globe, it’s not difficult to find affordable flights for nearly any... Read More

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Lufthansa Baggage Fees 2020: What To Expect

With headquarters in Germany and hubs at the Frankfurt and Munich Airports, Lufthansa is currently the largest airline in Germany and has been in operation since 1955. Currently, the airline offers flights to more than 200 destinations worldwide and is... Read More

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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Baggage Fees 2020: What To Expect

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the largest airline operating out Amsterdam, with Air France-KLM being its parent company. Offering flights to more than 140 destinations across the globe, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the oldest operating airline in the world.... Read More

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Japan Airlines Baggage Fees 2020: What To Expect

With budget-friendly flights to more than 90 destinations worldwide, Japan Airlines is the largest airline in the “Land of the Rising Sun.” Planning on flying with Japan Airlines in the near future? If so, then of course you’ll want to... Read More

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Amtrak Baggage Fees 2020: What to Expect

You may already be familiar with the baggage policies and fees of your favorite airlines. However, if you need to travel by train, you’ll need to take some time to research the company’s baggage allowances as well. If you’ll be... Read More


Best Luggage For International Travel 2020

International travel can open up the opportunity for a new world of experiences. Immersing yourself in different cultures and customs can expand your world view and enhance your own outlook on life. At the same time, international travel can be... Read More


Your Ultimate Rome Travel Guide

The Eternal City. The City of Love. Rome has earned many nicknames, but it is perhaps best known for being the capital of Italy and a stunning city full of rich history, ancient architecture, and incredible food. Planning your first... Read More

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Air Travel With Child Car Seats: Everything You Need To Know

Flying with children can be stressful enough—but when you’re traveling with young children, things can get even more complicated. One of the biggest points of confusion for parents when it comes to air travel with small children is whether kids... Read More


Best Underseat Luggage 2020

These days, most major airlines allow passengers at least one carry-on bag, regardless of fare or destination. Having a quality carry-on bag can be a lifesaver on any flight, allowing you to bring some essentials to keep you occupied until... Read More

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TSA PreCheck Versus Global Entry: Understanding The Differences

If you’re like most travelers, you dread the hassle of going through airport security. Not only can it be time-consuming, but the process itself can be a headache. From having to remove your shoes and separate your electronics from the... Read More

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How Early Should I Actually Arrive At The Airport?

If you’ve ever come close to missing a flight, then you know just how stressful it can be to watch those minutes tick off the clock while you try to rush to your gate. The good news is that missing... Read More

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Avianca Airlines Baggage Fees 2020: What To Expect

Recognized as the national airline of Colombia, Avianca Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance and offers passenger flights to more than 110 destinations across the globe. Many world travelers particularly enjoy flying with Avianca Airlines because of their affordable... Read More

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Best Travel Credit Card 2020

You always want to make the most out of your travel experiences—but if you don’t have a travel rewards credit card, you could be missing out. Specifically, the right travel rewards card can help you enjoy additional perks, save money,... Read More

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Planning Your Flight: The Best (And Worst) Days To Fly

Looking to plan a trip? If so, then you may be wondering when the best time to book and the best time to travel will be. Of course, there is no universal answer to the question of when the best time to... Read More