What To Pack In Your Carry-On Bag

Packing for travel—especially a long vacation or overseas trip—is an important task. We often fret about arriving at our destination and realizing we left a much-needed item behind. That’s why deciding what should go in your carry-on is particularly important.... Read More

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Airport Security 101: What To Expect

If you’ve never flown before or if it’s been a while since your last flight, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for the process of getting through airport security before your trip. By knowing what to expect and following... Read More


Carry-On Luggage Size Guide 2023

Utilizing carry-on luggage can be extremely useful for many flyers. Some airlines offer carry-on as a free or low-cost option instead of a checked bag, and some flyers prefer to pack light and avoid having to deal with baggage claim.... Read More


4 Genius Ways To Save On Your Next Flight

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Best Ways To Pack Carry-On Luggage

You’ve picked out all your clothes, gathered toiletries and other essentials….now it’s time to put everything inside your carry-on. By using a carry-on, you can skip long waits for luggage and save money by avoiding bag check fees. We’ve rounded... Read More


Luggage Tags 101: What You Need To Know

When you’re preparing for a trip, you’ve already got a lot to think about and plan for. However, one aspect of traveling that you won’t want to overlook is making sure all your luggage is properly labeled and tagged. Fortunately,... Read More

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Flying With Pets: Mistakes To Avoid

There are many reasons as to why you may want or need to bring your pet with you on a flight. Perhaps you’re relocating and are bringing your pet with you, or maybe it’s more economical to take your pet... Read More

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Airplane Etiquette: Dos And Don'ts For Flying Coach

No matter what your preferred method of travel may be, one fact remains: most of us can’t afford to fly first class for every flight. And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with flying coach (aside from the fact that seat... Read More

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Long-Haul Flights: How To Stay Comfortable (Even In Coach)

Let’s face it: flying isn’t always the most comfortable mode of travel. This is especially true when you’re flying economy class, where passengers are likely to be packed into the plane like sardines. The good news, however, is that there... Read More


Decoding The TSA's Liquid Travel Rules

No traveler wants to end up stopped at the security line. While you cannot do much about random screenings and airport security, you can do your best to ensure your carry-on bags are fully compliant. The TSA has several rules... Read More

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Is Santa Domingo Safe? 2023 Safety Guide

Are you considering a trip to Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic but feeling unsure about the safety of the destination? You’re not alone. With its vibrant culture, stunning beaches, and rich history, Santa Domingo is a popular vacation spot for many.... Read More