Best Luggage For Kids 2021

If you do a lot of traveling with your family, then making sure everyone has their own luggage is a must. When choosing luggage for a child, however, there are a lot of special considerations to keep in mind—and these... Read More

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Best Sleep Mask 2021

Whether you do a lot of traveling or not, many people can benefit from a great sleep mask. And while sleep masks come in a wide variety of styles and designs, they all serve one core purpose of blocking out... Read More


Best Luggage For Business Travel 2021

When you do a lot of traveling for business, having the right luggage can make your life a lot easier. After all, when you’re traveling for business, you’re also likely to be transporting some important items. This may include work... Read More


Norwegian Air Baggage Fees 2021: What To Expect

Norwegian Air is a large airline known for its low fares and many destination offerings. With more than 130 planes in their fleet and 500 different routes across the globe, it’s not difficult to find affordable flights for nearly any... Read More

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Air Travel With Child Car Seats: Everything You Need To Know

Flying with children can be stressful enough—but when you’re traveling with young children, things can get even more complicated. One of the biggest points of confusion for parents when it comes to air travel with small children is whether kids... Read More

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Lufthansa Baggage Fees 2021: What To Expect

With headquarters in Germany and hubs at the Frankfurt and Munich Airports, Lufthansa is currently the largest airline in Germany and has been in operation since 1955. Currently, the airline offers flights to more than 200 destinations worldwide and is... Read More

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Your Ultimate Trip-Planning Guide From Start to Finish

The prospect of planning a vacation can be an exciting one; getting to see and experience new places and cultures can enhance your worldview and give you a much-needed break from reality. Of course, the actual process of planning a trip can... Read More

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Best Compression Socks For Travel 2021

Have you ever been surprised to find that your legs, feet, or ankles are swollen following a long flight? Perhaps you even suffer from leg pain as you make your way from your gate to baggage claim. If this happens... Read More

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Thai Airways Baggage Fees 2021: What To Expect

Offering budget-friendly fares to more than 70 destinations worldwide, Thai Airways is a very popular airline that has been in operation for nearly 60 years. If you’ve recently booked a flight with Thai Airways or are considering a trip with... Read More

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Singapore Airlines Baggage Fees 2021: What To Expect

Planning on flying out of Singapore Changi Airport in the near future? If so, there’s a good chance you’ll be flying with Singapore Airlines, the flag-carrying airline of Singapore. Fortunately for you, this airline is consistently ranked as one of... Read More

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Korean Air Baggage Fees 2021: What To Expect

As the largest airline in South Korea, Korean Air is a popular choice among those seeking budget-friendly flights to 150 destinations across the globe. Have you recently booked a Korean Air flight? If so, then you’ll want to plan accordingly... Read More


A Traveler's Guide To Priority Pass 2021

Have you ever found yourself stuck at the airport? If you travel by plane on even a semi-regular basis, the answer is probably “yes! ” From being stuck for a layover or flight delay to simply arriving for your flight... Read More

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CVS Passport Photo: What You Need To Know

Whether you’re applying for a United States passport for the first time or looking to renew an existing passport for an upcoming trip, you’ll be required to submit two identical passport photos along with your application. There are few exceptions... Read More

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Pre-Travel Tips For Staying Energized On Your Trip

Traveling can be an enlightening and invigorating experience. It often comes with exhaustion due to physical and mental stressors, however, such as jet lag, an unfamiliar environment, poor nutrition and dehydration. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here... Read More