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Best Luggage Sets 2024

Owning a quality luggage set can come in handy, whether you’re preparing for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation or travel regularly for business. The best luggage sets cover all your bases, ensuring you have luggage to get your items from point A to point B safely and in one piece.

No matter what type of luggage set you may be looking for, it’s all about choosing the right brand. Many top luggage brands offer two- and three-piece sets; a two-piece set will typically include a medium- or large-size checked bag plus a smaller bag designed to be used as a carry-on, whereas most three-piece sets will include two pieces of larger checked baggage plus a carry-on.

Brands can also vary in the sizes and materials used on their luggage sets, so it’s important to have a general idea of what dimensions and features you’re looking for. From there (and with a little help from this article), you can make your purchase with confidence. And when you make an informed purchase on your luggage set, it should last you for years or even decades to come.

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Best Luggage Sets

  2. American Tourister
  3. Samsonite
  4. Traveler’s Choice
  5. Travelpro

Reviews of the Best Luggage Sets

If you’re thinking about buying a luggage set, you may be wondering where to begin. Many major luggage brands offer full sets; we’ve hand-picked a few of the best luggage brands that sell full sets of both checked and carry-on luggage. This can be a great starting point as you begin shopping.


CHESTER specializes in lightweight yet durable luggage to suit your travel needs. Their three-piece spinner luggage set is a popular choice and includes a carry-on, medium- and large-sized checked bags. This set comes in eight different color options and is eligible for free two-day shipping. All of CHESTER’s sets are made of lightweight polycarbonate materials and are designed with the regular traveler in mind. CHESTER luggage also comes with a 100-day free trial period, so you can enjoy extra peace of mind with your purchase.


2. American Tourister

American Tourister has long been known for their quality yet affordable luggage sets. They also have a number of partnerships with companies like Disney, so they’re able to offer fun prints and patterns on their various luggage sets. For example, they carry a Star Wars two-piece luggage set that includes an underseat carry-on and another spinner suitcase. American Tourister sets also nest inside one another for easy and compact storage when not in use.

3. Samsonite

Another brand to check out that offers a wide variety of luggage sets is Samsonite. This brand has a strong reputation for offering durable luggage in a range of colors and styles. Whether your budget is $200 or $1,000, you can find a set to suit your needs and price point. Samsonite offers two- and three-piece luggage sets in both hard- and soft-sided designs, and they frequently hold sales and special promotions on their website.

4. Traveler’s Choice

If you’re looking for a luggage brand that offers sets with desirable features like ergonomic handles, free-spinning wheels, and USB ports, be sure to check out the sets offered by Traveler’s Choice. Their two- and three-piece sets are reasonably priced, and some even include anti-theft features for added security and peace of mind while you travel. Traveler’s Choice luggage sets are also made of either polycarbonate hard-sided material or ballistic soft-side fabrics, so you can choose the material option that best suits your needs.

5. Travelpro

Known for their stylish luggage sets, Travelpro has both two- and three-piece options to choose from similar to Coolife. Their Maxlite® Floating on Air set, for example, features three spinner bags with retractable handles to suit all your travel needs. When you buy a set from Travelpro, you can also enjoy a limited lifetime warranty—and a 100-day hassle-free return policy gives you added peace of mind with your purchase. Most orders over a certain amountt ship free through Travelpro as well, and their luggage is carried by some brick-and-mortar retailers if you’d prefer to see the set in person before you buy.

Advantages of Using Luggage Sets

When compared to buying your luggage pieces individually, there are a number of potential benefits to purchasing a full luggage set. If you’re still not convinced that a luggage set is a wise purchase for you, be sure to weigh some of the key pros and cons of luggage sets below.

Save on Space in Your Home

Most luggage brands design their sets so that they can be easily nested inside one another. This means that the largest suitcase in the set can fit the other smaller bag(s) inside of it. This cuts down on the amount of space your luggage takes up in your home while it’s not in use, which can really come in handy if you have limited closet space or overall storage space in your home.

Get More for Your Money

In general, you tend to get a better value for your money when you buy a full luggage set or suitcase set as opposed to buying your luggage pieces individually. That’s because luggage companies are able to produce these sets for cheaper than they would separately, which allows them to pass the savings on to you.

If you’re looking to get the most quality luggage for your money, your best bet is likely to buy a two- or three-piece set. Typically, the more pieces in the set, the better the overall value will be.

Save Time and Hassle When Shopping

Let’s face it: shopping for luggage isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. By buying a full luggage set as opposed to shopping for each of your luggage pieces individually, you can save yourself time and hassle. When you buy a full set, you can generally expect each piece of luggage to have similar features and construction. Most sets are also coordinating or completely matching in color or style, which may be preferable to mixing and matching.

Potential Drawbacks of Using Luggage Sets

There are certainly a lot of benefits to buying the best luggage sets, but what about the possible drawbacks? There aren’t many—and some of these may not even apply to you—but the potential disadvantages of buying a luggage set are still worth considering before you buy.

Specification/Dimension Challenges

Each airline has its own guidelines and restrictions on luggage sizes, so if you have an airline that you fly with frequently, you may need to check and make sure the luggage set you’re considering will conform to those guidelines. Otherwise, you may end up stuck with additional baggage fees.

Finding baggage that conforms to your airline’s specific size restrictions can be more challenging when you’re shopping for a full size as opposed to buying individually, but with a little research, this shouldn’t pose too big of a challenge for most shoppers.

May Be Less Variety

When you buy a luggage set, you’ll inherently have less variety to choose from than you would if you bought each bag separately. For example, the set you’re looking at may come with a carry-on bag, but it may not have all the features you’d find if you bought your carry-on bag individually. If you want to mix and match the look of your luggage set, you may also have a hard time doing this when buying a full set because most luggage brands use the same materials and colors for each set.

What to Look for in a Luggage Set

If you’re “set” on buying a two-piece luggage set, 3 piece luggage set or a full luggage set, it’s time to start shopping! The first thing you’ll want to do is to review the list of top luggage brands towards the top of this article to find the best suitcase. Between these five brands, you can find dozens of luggage sets with different features, specifications, and styles.

As you begin shopping, there are a few other considerations worth keeping in mind as well.

Which Pieces Are Included?

Most luggage sets are either two or three pieces, so be sure to find out exactly what is included with the set you’re looking at versus what you might still need to buy. A three-piece luggage set, for example, will typically include a carry-on bag plus two checked bags (typical 3 piece luggage set). A two piece set, on the other hand, may include a carry-on bag and one checked suitcase.

Depending on how much traveling you do and how much you typically pack, a two-piece set may be enough (especially for light packers). However, if you tend to go on longer trips where you need to pack more luggage, you may be better off with a three-piece set.

Don’t forget about luggage tags and other travel accessories when shopping for a set, either. Most sets will not come with these accessories, although some might.

Can Luggage Be Nested to Save Space?

Most two- and three-piece luggage sets have a nested design, meaning each smaller bag can be stored inside a larger one. This saves space when it comes to storing your bags while they’re not in use. If storage space is limited in your home, or if you simply prefer the convenience of a nested design, make sure that the set you’re considering offers this feature.

Durability and Materials

Luggage sets aren’t cheap, so it’s important to choose one that will last you for many years to come. A quality luggage set should easily last for several years, if not several decades. As you shop, there are some things to look for that can indicate better workmanship and quality.

A hard-sided set, for example, can generally be expected to last longer than a soft-sided set. Many hardside luggage sets these days are made of some sort of polycarbonate material, which makes them both durable and lightweight but may not be suitable to travel with a gun. In addition to the materials making up the bag, you’ll also want to look for quality accessories like durable zippers and wheels. Otherwise, you could end up having to replace your luggage set sooner than you’d like.

Ease of Maneuverability

While it’s likely that you’ll be checking some of your luggage when you travel, you’ll still want to make sure you can easily maneuver your baggage to and from the airline check-in counter. You’ll also need to be able to get your luggage from the baggage claim to your hotel or other travel destination, so choosing luggage that is easy to maneuver with free-spinning wheels, telescoping handles, and other features is a must.


The best luggage sets will have spinner wheels and that is why these suitcases are often referred to as spinner luggage. Spinner wheels are a very common type of wheel found on luggage these days. As the name would imply, a spinner wheel is attached to a suitcase and is able to move freely 360 degrees. Many suitcases outfitted with these types of wheels will have anywhere from four to eight of these attached to them, depending on the specific design of the bag itself. The spinner wheels make it possible to not only drag your luggage behind you, but also makes it easy to pull your luggage alongside you or push it in front of you with minimal effort.

Sizes and Dimensions

Don’t forget to check with your airline of choice to find out what their size requirements are for both checked and carry-on bags. The last thing you want is to spend your money on a luggage set that doesn’t conform to your airline’s specifications. Choosing a set that meets most airline size specifications can give you additional peace of mind when you travel and could help you avoid extra baggage fees.

Security Lock

There are many reasons to use TSA locks on your spinner luggage set when flying. For starters, these locks provide the added security you desire when traveling with valuables, such as electronics or jewelry. While it is generally recommended that you bring valuables on your carry-on so they can stay on your person at all times, this is not always possible. In these instances, having a TSA-approved lock on your luggage can give you additional peace of mind when you need to check your nylon or hardside spinner.

Warranty and/or Return Policy

Any reputable luggage brand should include some sort of guarantee or warranty on their products. Some companies, for example, may offer a limited lifetime warranty on their luggage. Some may also offer a no-hassle return window so you can try out your luggage for a specific period of time. If you decide for any reason that you want to return your luggage during that window, you can get a full refund on the original purchase price.

The idea here is that luggage companies should stand behind the products they sell. All travel suitcases should have a warranty. Don’t buy your set from a luggage company that doesn’t outline a return policy or warranty/guarantee.

The Bottom Line on Luggage Sets

For most travelers, a soft side luggage set or a hardside luggage set is the best choice—giving you the basics that you need to pack for just about any trip. The best suitcases or luggage sets can also save you money, time, and hassle when compared to buying luggage pieces individually. Just be sure to keep the top brands suggested in mind as you begin looking for your next luggage set. That, in addition to keeping some important considerations in mind, will help you make a confident choice and make an informed purchase.

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